Kick racism out of stadiums!

2017-07-13 13:41:37

"Never Again" Association will hold football championships with an aim to show that racism has no place in the beautiful game of football! The activists will also be distributing educational materials, holding workshops and lectures as well as meetings with artists. The activists will educate young people on the importance of tolerance and how essential it is to create a multicultural society free of prejudice and racism. 

  • Antiracist Football Championship at Woodstock

Everyone is invited to take part in the in the antiracist championships. We will be playing in the field located by the Main Stage. The game will begin at 11 am and we will be playing until 4 pm. Teams of 5 are welcome to join in the fun! In order to apply to take part in the championships, the participants should come by our stall on Wednesday, August 2nd between the hours of 7 and 8 PM. We will need you to tell us the name of your team, name and surname of players, your team colours, contact details for the team captain and his or her e-mail.  

Remember to take comfortable sports shoes!


  •  Meet the bands

Come by the "Never Again" stall to take part in meetings with some of the bands which will be performing at Woodstock Festival Poland stages this year! Musicians take stand against racism too. 

- Prawda - Wednesday, 2nd August @ 3 pm 

- Nocny Kochanek - Friday, 4th Agust @ 3 pm 

- Tabu - Saturday, 5th August @ 1 pm 

- Leniwiec - Saturday, 5th August @ 2 pm 

- Koniec Świata - Saturday, 5th August @ 4 pm 



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