2016-07-22 15:08:23

Luxtorpeda launched their musical career in 2011. A bit later in the year they have performed at the Main Stage of Woodstock Festival Poland for the first time. Their performace left the audience wanting more and we knew that the band will be reprising their performance at Woodstock. In the five years that followed the band kept developping their sound. 3 albums and dozens hits later the band is making its return to the Main Stage at Woodstock Festival Poland. 

Luxtorpeda has been tasked with playing the first concert of the festival - a task made no easier by the heavy rain. The band amped up the mood by 10! Rhytmical rock & roll tunes, familiar and well-loved anthems, and the warmth, with which the band had been welcomed onstage banished the thoughts of rain and cold. 






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