Guide for Parents

2016-07-07 10:11:16

Below is a list of absolute must-haves for the youngest revellers, the parents or carers should make sure that: 


  • Children have contact details of their carers on them at all times - if possible, on clear display: on a T-shirt or on an arm-band. Make sure that the contact number is details are not erasable. 
  • Children are wearing comfortable shoes and caps or hats to protect them from the sun. Remember that the weather can change quickly and make sure you packed enough change of clothes to accommodate for cold and hot temperatures. 
  • Children wear noise-cancelling earphones to protect their hearing during concerts. 
  • You have enough water and sunscreen on you. 
  • You packed all necessary medicines that children take on regular basis. This year, there is no chemists in the Shopping Lane, so you would have to get to the town of Kostrzyn to get the medicine. 

We have also invited a lot of organizations, which aim to provide entertainment for children during the festival - mosh pit is not for everyone, after all! Klanza will be setting up a fun zone for kids at the AFA hill, Viva Foundation will run a kiddie corner, and Allegro invites all kids to their orange playground area. There is fun to be had, lessons to be learned and experiences to be gained and with a bit of careful parents even the youngest children can enjoy their first festival experience at Woodstock! 


Hear us roar: we love Woodstock; photo GOCC archive



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