We Are Safe At Woodstock!

2016-07-22 16:37:54


We often hear you saying that Woodstock Festival feels like a second home - that you feel safe, comfortable and welcome here. You need to remember that behind the organization of this event are people who commit all their time, effort and enthusiasm into the running of the festival and your opinions matter to us. We listen to your remarks and try to accommodate as many of your requests as possible, because it helps us to improve the festival!

That's why we felt the need to share Ania's story with you: 


This place surprises me with something every time I come here: ATMs and phone boxes on the festival field, a proposal from someone I have just met, a priest who comes here for the fifth time in a row because he likes it here...this time I was surprised by a person I never met. I've pottered around the festival field on Wednesday and that's when I've lost my insulin pen. That's bad news. Very bad news for a person with diabetes who needs to take insulin regularly. It's very band news - you can end up in a coma if worst comes to worst. I was lucky, becuase this unknown person has spotted my insulin pen, picked it up and brought it to the Lost Property tent. And this is what is really awesome. Just imagine - here you are, at a festival, meeting your friends, setting your camp, rushing to check out the bungee jump, or you are opening nice cold beer when you spot someone's documents. Or a watch, sleeping bag, or a pouch with medicine. What do you do? Do you continue with your day, or do you stop, pick it up and take to the Lost Property? Here you go. People at Woodstock Festival Poland look out for each-other. Jurek Owsiak often speaks about it from the Main Stage - be careful, look out for each-other, take care. Here, even if someone arrives without a tent, without a sleeping bag someone is going to host them. Someone will share food with the hungry, someone will offer water to the thirsty. Someone is going to return lost items to their owner. I don't know who you are, mysterious pen-saver - you are such a great person! Thank you for your willingness to go this extra mile. Thank you for the work that the Peace Patrollers working in the Lost Property do. I can't be the only one to lose something at Woodstock and I can't be only one thanking you! 



We think that this story shows how our safety is in our own hands - we make this festival a better, safer, more hospitable place. Remember to look out for the person camping next to you. Remember to take note of people you pass by. Woodstock Festival Poland becomes our home for this short and beautiful time each year - make sure you care for it! 








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