Wilki at Woodstock Festival Poland

2017-03-01 15:45:06

It all has begun with „Son Of The Blue Sky”. The year was 1992 and the entire country was humming songs from Wilki’s debut album. Their name translates as wolves and the title of their first release, which celebrates its 25th anniversary brought about such hits like: “Son Of The Blue Sky”, “Aborygen”, and “Eli Lama Sabachtani”. The album turned platinum in no time and the band began a 3-year tour only to take a long break. The band reunited in 2002 and released the album titled “4”, which has sold thousands of copies. Singles “Baśka” and “Urke” were no one-hit wonders. Two studio albums followed suit soon after, which repeated their previous success: selling hundreds of thousands of copies and turning gold. The audiences in Poland still remember Wilki’s hit songs such as “Bohema”, “Love Story”, “Słońce pokonał cień”, ‘Here I am”. In 2009 came an invitation to perform an MTV Unplugged concert. The amazing and intimate atmosphere of the concert, which has been performed in front of a small audience of friends and fans of the band, ensured that the album recorded during this performance has become an instant hit and another golden record in the collection of the band.




Last year saw the release of the band’s eight album. “Przez dziewczyny” is true to rock’n’roll origins of the band, hailing back to their sophomore album “4”. This new release is a true energy boost: very rhythmical, upbeat and truly joyful. The altered sound of the band might have something to do with the changes in the line-up of the band. There’s an infusion of new blood – Beniamin Gawliński, the son of the band’s frontman, joined the pack. He is an acoustic guitarist, pianist, and singer. The band has also been reunited with Marcin Ciepiel, who has been playing with them before – 10 years ago!

The band’s constant touring is a testament that despite the passage of time and all changes in the pack their unique brand of rock’n’roll is beloved by the audiences. This year’s performance at Woodstock Festival Poland is a very special event as the band is celebrating the 25th anniversary of their debut album, and their set will be an homage to that first, famous, ‘blue’ record.




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