Press Conference about Woodstock Festival Poland

2016-07-03 19:10:47


The organization of this year's edition of the festival was the main topic of the press conference held in the marshall's office in Zielona Góra. The festival is a staple event in the Lubusz Province, drawing praise and friendly comments from both the region's officials and people living in the viccinity of the event. The organizers work closely with the law enforcement forces and city offcials before and during the event, which draws huge international crowds to the charming town of Kostrzyn nad Odrą. Rather than imposing on the hospitality of the region we aim to become a guest, which transforms the region into the capitol of music and a lively, multicultural hub of activity. 

Jurek Owsiak, the promoter of the festival, explained the newly introduced measures, which aim to improve the security of the venue - he explained why we needed to impose the ban on cars parking in the immediate festival area, and why we chose to fence off the festival field. He introduced the sponsors, who support the organization of the festival and, who also come up with activities and projects, offering the guests of the festival a variety of fun projects to get involved into. 
See you all at the festival - in less than a week! 
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