Trivium played at Woodstock Festival Poland!

2017-08-04 01:33:09

These Americans clearly touched Woodstock's audience! We have all been excited to see them and we had a circle pit waiting for them just to highlight the point. 

They started with a bang: the power, the riffs, the solos. That is what Woodstock Festival is all about. And he had us at „Jesteśmy Trivium. Jak się macie?!”.

fot. Stanisław Wadas

Trivium played a varied material from across their wide ranging career. Matt Heafy's was dropping in and out of deep growl in an impressively effortless manner, and the band was proving time and time again that they are self aware, seasoned performers. 

The crowed clearly loved and appreciated the energy they served, the maestri and the artfully controlled chaos of the performance. 

Those Florida guys won hearts, legs and throats of the Woodstock tribe! 


fot. Stanisław Wadas

Trivium are an American band from Orlando, Florida  founded in 1999. The band members are: Matt Heafy (vocal, guitar) Corey Beaulieu (guitar, vocal), Paolo Gregoletto (bass guitar, vocal), Paul Wandtke (drums). They skilfully integrate different metal subgenres from thrash through groove and metalcore to progressive metal. Frontman Matthew Kiichi Heafy also creates all the lyrics. The band name comes from Latin and relates to their interest in varied music genres. Trivium released six albums and have won a critical acclaim including Metal Hammer's 2006 best live performer as well as a Golden God title for Matt Heafy and best drummer's award for Travis Smith.  

fot. Stanisław Wadas



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