The Qemists remembered Chester Bennigton!

2017-08-10 11:15:58

The Qemists are a safe bet if you want a top notch performance. You know they'll deliver because they always deliver. Whether you are a die heard a fan of electronic beats or can't imagine life without rock you won't be able to walk past these guys. You just buy it no questions asked. 


fot. Stanisław Wadas


Today's concert was a musical explosion, real firecracker of broken beats, deep bass, powerful drums and synthesisers binding it all together. And that's not even mentioning the vocal that wouldn't be out of place in a rapcore band. They slew it!



fot Stanisław Wadas


The Qemists are not the band that comes, plays, packs and moves on. On stage, they seemed to be both performers and the public. They feel the music and use it to express themselves and channel their energy. You could see it in „Run You”  and „Jungle”.  Obviously, we all used this opportunity to tap into our own inner powerhouses. 


fot. Marcin Michon


The musicians asked the crowd to sing with them "So The Heaven's Shake" just before playing „In the end” by Linkin Park who's frontman tragically ended his life in July. Chester, wherever you are I know you heard us! 


fot. Dominika Rutkowska


The Qemists many, many thanks for tonight! We'll be counting the days! 







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