Theatre at AFA

2017-06-20 10:55:10

The play will be staged at the Night AFA Stage at the Big Tent in the early morning (2:30 am!) on Saturday, August the 4th. 


„Stopklatka” – Freeze-frame

Does paralysis mean the end of thoughts, dreams, and desires?

Wojtek was a star student, with the whole life ahead of him. He was enrolled at a great school and had a lot of great friends. His life came to an end when disaster struck…



He had become a prisoner of his own body, dependent on help and support of others. Wojtek needs to re-evaluate and re-asses his life. He has to establish relationships with his family anew. He has to re-evaluate his friendships and even his faith. There are no easy answers or solutions, just increasingly more difficult questions, which serve to recreate life in a completely different context.

script: Malina Prześluga

director: Alina Moś-Kerger

set and costume design: Natalia Kołodziej

music: Marek Zalewski

choreography:  Bartosz Bandura

recording producer: Arkadiusz Malinowski

assistant director: Bartosz Bandura



Beata Chorążykiewicz

Joanna Ginda

Marta Karmowska

Joanna Rossa

Bartosz Bandura

Mikołaj Kwiatkowski/Darian Wiesner

Jan Mierzyński

Students from drama school


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