Tabu returns to Woodstock Poland

2017-03-13 14:57:19

Tabu was formed in 2003 at the initiative of Rafał Karwot and Marcin Suchy. In the beginning, both, the band’s style and line-up were in constant flux. Eventually, the artists settled on a combination of an energetic reggae beat with an emphasis on the powerful brass section. Such energetic music paired with their impressive stage presence and charisma makes for an explosive mixture.




So far, Tabu has released three albums and travelled thousands of miles – playing live across the country and building a community of fans and supporters along the way. Their most recent release, ‘Meteory’, takes listener for a stroll across musical genres and styles and binds them together with a thread of upbeat reggae rhythms. Listening to this album is like journeying between heaven and earth, where each song is a separate road, story which unfolds and has its own life. The album has the real power of sound and the message of their lyrics serves to inspire, empower, and conveys some universal truths.


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