Preliminaries Live in Prague

2017-03-14 15:21:24

Lucerna Music Bar, located in the very heart of the Czech capital, will be hosting some of the best up-and-coming bands, all competing for a chance to perform for the audience at Woodstock Festival Poland in August this year. 

Our friends from MusicMap.TV, who are responsible for holding Woodstock Festival Poland, have chosen artists from Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. They have received 142 submissions and have chosen 9 bands. They are: 


  • CZECH IT (Czech Republic)
  • PEARCY SECOND (Czech Republic)
  • FISHFACE (Slovakia)
  • PROJECT PARABELUM (Czech Republic)
  • CO&VOX (Czech Republic)
  • HANTA (Czech Republic)
  • IDIO&IDIO (Czech Republic)
  • EDGAR (Slovakia)
  • LEANDER KILLS (Hungary)

The free concert will also boast performances from some great guest stars - The Snuff from the Czech Republic and The Unguided from Sweden. 



Występ zespołu Anacreon podczas zeszłorocznych Eliminacji w czeskiej Pradze, fot. Fundacja WOŚP


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