Join us for the final concert of the Preliminaries

2016-07-03 19:10:47

We are at the finish line of the race to perform at Woodstock Festival Poland this summer. Nine bands, which impressed the jury during the shows in Wrocław, Łódź, and Gdańsk, will take the stage in Culture Centre Zamek in Poznań, on Saturday, June the 4th. The concert will start at 4pm, and the bands will perform 20-minute sets. The bands that qualified for the final concert are: AARCH_A, HANZA, LION SHEPHERD, OMNI MODO, SUPERHALO, THE SNUFF, RADIO SLAM, COCHISE, and SCYLLA. We have invited the laureate of 2012 edition of Preliminaries - Rust to play in Poznań. Guest star performance by Kuba Płucisz and the guests will conclude the concert. 

President of Poznań, Jacek Jaśkowiak, has assumed honorary patronage over the event. 

Jurek Owsiak, the initiator, artistic director of the festival, and juror of the competition says about the final concert: 

'We are very excited to see how the bands will do at the final concert! It's also becoming more and more difficult to make the decision who will make the cut. The bands set the bar very high - we noticed that while listening to CDs at the first stage of the competition, and during the semi-final concerts. Three festival stages and Lech Wild Card are at stake in this competition. This year Woodstock line-up is more diverse than ever before, and it's such a great opportunity for bands brave enough to take up the opportunity to present their music at such a big event. We can't wait to see what the bands have in store for us, and we are counting on the audience to help us decide who is ready to take the stage at Woodstock!' 



Winners of Gdańsk edition; photo L. Lewandowska

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