A Barrel of Laughs at AFA

2016-07-20 15:59:35

 The night before the festival officially started we invited everyone to join us at a stand up show at the Big AFA tent. The comedians' performance proved to be an instant hit with the festival goers and everyone could find something to suit their taste in humour. We are delighted that stand-up performance, just like theatre at the AFA Night Stage became a staple in the festival schedule and draws attention of our guests - the tent was overflowing with people and a lot of you decided to watch the performances on the screens located outside. 





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Second Stage - First in Command!

The Second Stage of Woodstock Festival Poland has channelled amazing amounts of positive vibes and the music that sounded across the festival field was a testament of how fantastic the concerts were. With a vibrant variety of different music genres represented on the Second Stage, we invited you on a journey through music styles, continents, and decades.

2016-08-03 14:04:56

The Police Report on Prevention at Woodstock Festival Poland

The festival's organizers are working close with the police forces, who are responsible for securing the event as well as making sure that everyone in the region gets to the festival and back home safely. Police Officers always emphasise how well the festival is managed and run, and we are grateful for the support we receive from the police each year.

2016-08-05 15:39:22

Actors from Capitol Theatre at AFA

After their night-time performance at AFA, the wonderful cast of 'My Friend Miss Flint' visited the Big AFA tent to talk about their craft. We even got to see an impromptu performance inspired by the unforgettable experience of... using a portable toilet at a festival!

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