The Police Report on Prevention at Woodstock Festival Poland

2016-08-03 14:04:56


Police officers, however, don't limit their activities at Woodstock Festival Poland to securing the perimeter and making sure that the festival is a safe and secure event. We are delighted to host Police Village at the AFA hill each year. The Police Village aims to spread the knowledge and introduce a variety of preventive measures. The Police Officers offer advice, invite the guests of the festival to take part in a variety of activities, and educate young people about the dangers or drugs and alcohol abuse. Each year we receive the official report, relying the work of the Police Village. 

Having read the report we were pleased to find that the Police Village enjoyed a great deal of interest from the guest of the festival, and the young people took eagerly took part in different competitions organized by the police officers and visited the stall to take in photo exhibition and to learn about addictions and how to deal with various dangerous situations, and to watch a 'Preventive Lens' educational film. The most interest had been paid to a monodrama, directed and acted by Anna Arlet. Each showing of the play had been followed by an open discussion about addictions and designer drugs. The report states that the Police Village will aim to intriduce video and theatre into its activities in the following year and it concludes with a statement that the popularity the Police Village has enjoyed is a further evidence of how open and safe the festival really is. We, in turn, believe that it is thanks to such engaging and professional preventive activities we can enjoy an event where everyone feels welcome and safe. 






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