Nothing But Thieves bewitched Woodstock crowd!

2017-08-10 10:41:06

Nothing but Thieves inhabits the space between alternative and indie rock. Their emotional, reflective style drew huge crowds to the Main Stage which filled with Conor Mason's voice accommodate comfortably by the hard-rock basis of the drums. 


fot. Damian Mękal


Grounded, emotionally involved songs supported by narrative guitars, rhythmic post-rock progression and wild riffs were all creating and transforming the atmosphere of this highly anticipated concert. 

After an unlucky start to the day, with band members falling ill, luggage lost and fans kept in suspense Nothing but Thieves; when finally at the Main Stage were showered with love, and positivity by the Woodstock crowd. We wanted them there and we showed it. It was a charmed night with magic happening on and off the stage. 


fot. Damian Mękal


Nothing but Thieves is a British band formed in 2012. Its members include  Conor Mason (vocal, guitar), Joe Langridge-Brown (guitar), Dominic Craik (guitar, keyboard), Phillip Blake (bass), James Price (drums).


fot. Damian Mękal


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