Leave at home...

2016-07-10 01:00:19


Remember to forget to take! 

First and foremost - don't take your pets with you to the festival. The crowds, the noise, the new and stressful environment is not a good place for a pet. You might thrive in the ever-changing, colourful, and noisy atmosphere of the festival field - your dog, or a cat, or a pet rat will find it too overwhelming and stressful. The sight of confused and obviously distressed animals during the festival is heartbreaking - we would like the festival to be a place of happiness and careless fun for everyone who visits us this July! Be responsible, be caring, and leave your pet at home! 


Don't take glass containers with you - be it bottles or jars. We will ask you to leave them behind before entering the festival field. Basically - broken glass is a nightmare on the festival field and we would like to avoid any accidents involving glass shards, as simple as that. 

Don't lug gas burners or stoves, any sort of primuses are forbidded in the festival field because of fire precaustions we introduce during the festival.

Don't take anything that can endanger the well-being of others. We also always stress the fact that we have zero tolerance to drugs. Say no to drug abuse and experience the festival attractions sober and in good health! 

And last, but by no means the least - leave all your worries behind! 






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