Michał Urbaniak and Urbanator Project at the Main Stage

2017-05-22 13:24:54

This year Woodstock Festival Poland line-up has a distinct jazz flavour. There are late night jazz sessions at the AFA Night Stage featuring some of the best-known names in Polish jazz and presenting the work of promising artists. 

Michał Urbaniak is a jazz musician who plays violin, lyricon, and saxophone. Never shying away from experimentation, his trademark style blends folk, rhythm and blues, hip-hop with symphonic music and jazz. 



Urbanator Project debuted in 1994 with the release of the self-titled record. With guest performances by Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker and Marcus Miller it became a milestone in the evolution of contemporary jazz music. Musicians performed at some of the most famous venues and festivals in the world: Ronnie Scott in London, Blues Alley in Washington, Bottom Line in New York, New Port Jazz Festival, Baker’s Keybords Launge in Detroit, West End in Chicago, Blue Note Tokyo and Osaka. 


Michał Urbaniak wspiera także nasze Finały




Michał Urbaniak - violin/sax

Michael Patches Stewart - trumpet

Femi Temowo - guitar

Xantone Blacq - Keyboards&vocal

Marcin Pospieszalski - bas

Frank Parkes - drums

Andy Ninvalle - rap

Liroy - rap 

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