Preliminaries Live - day one

2017-04-07 10:15:13

We know the line-up for the free concert which will open the series of Preliminaries Live shows in Progresja Music Zone in Warsaw. 

Headliners for the night are Materia (after their performance at Woodstock Second Stage) and Kabanos (after their enthusiastic closing performance at the Main Stage at Woodstock 2016) 


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The concerts are completely free and everyone is welcome to come! 



8 lat w Tybecie 

The band does not believe in compromise. It's all about good, hard rock, and some poignant socially involved lyrics, touching upon different matters which ail the society. 

Line-up: Dominik Witoszek - lead vocal & lyrics; Dawid Kubeczek - vocal, bass guitar; Wojtek Mazur - guitar, vocal; Grzegorz Korzeniewski - drums.  






Natalia Hoffman is the voice behind this project. The talented singer-songwriter creates alternative rock music and blends it with soul. She has toured extensively, having played in Prague, Malaga, and Budapest. Her debut album "Long Way Out" has been released in February this year. Natalia tours with her band: Hubert Torzewski - drums, Bartosz Mielcarek - electric guitar, Maciej Nawrocki - acoustic guitar, Jędrzej Kaniewski - bass, Jan Stachowiak - trombone.





The Sixpounder

The band celebrated its 10th-anniversary last year. The band is something for fans of heavier, metal music. They have toured Great Britain and performed alongside Motorhead, Behemoth, and Bullet For My Valentine. 

Line-up: Filip Sałapa - lead vocal; Paweł Ostrowski - guitar; Michał Woźniak - guitar; Krzysiek Olejniczak - bass; Artur Konarski - drums.




The Heavy Clouds

Power trio straight out of Warsaw! It's a medley of different tunes and genres: from stoner rock to punk rock with a hint of blues. The band is planning to release their debut album in April. 

Line-up: Wojtek Ziemba - vocal, bass; Bartosz Kanak - guitar; Podgórski - drums




Nocny Kochanek

A metal band with a great sense of humour. The inspiration behind their music is quite clear: there is a hint of Iron Maiden and a bit of Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. The heavy sounds go together with tongue-in-the-cheek lyrics. 

Line-up: Krzysiek Sokołowski - vocal, Arek Majstrak - guitar, Robert Kazanowski - guitar, Artur Pochwała - bass, Tomek Nachyła - drums. 





The band's history began in 2006 in Trzcianka. BEZJAHZGH is 11 people strong, playing reggae with a twist - it can be sweet, it can be sour, delicate and powerful at the same time. The band has played at different festivals in Poland and abroad. 

Line-up: Anna "Ana" Kasperska - Czech - keyboard instruments, vocal; Jarogniew "Paproch" Kochner - vocal; Norbert "Norba" Sikorski - vocal; Krzysztof "kris"k.sTANISZEWSKI - conga, hurdy gurdy, miscellaneous, samples; Bartosz "Czapla" Czapliński - electric guitars; Karol "Karlos" Rodzik - tenor saxophone; Daniel "Deny" Węgrzyn -baritone saxophone, Sławomir "Ojciec" Kamiński - trumpet, Dariusz "Chorąży" Misiun - trombone, Sylwester "Szadok" Szade - bass, Michał "Mihu" Szczodry "Szczodras" - drums.







The band began playing their brand of rock-inspired in 2012 when Janek Getler and Mateusz Hejno decided to create a band after an inspiration-packed jam session. Currently, Portfinger is working on their debut album. 

Line-up: Janek Getler - guitar, Mateusz Hejno - bass, Mateusz Jakubczyk - drums, Robert Sowiński - vocal.





This indie rock band originates from south of Poland. They began playing together two years ago, and their first release, an EP titled "Vivid", contains 4 catchy songs. The band has toured extensively, and they regularly present new material at their live shows. 

Line-up: Sebastian Szuła, Krystian Rypka, Michał Smyła, Igor Talarczyk.







The band has appeared at Woodstock Festival Poland twice - and once as one of the winners of Preliminaries competition. They play very contemporary, powerful metal, and have recently returned from a very successful European tour, which took them across Germany, France, and the UK. 

Line-up: Michał "Mihu" Piesiak - vocal, bass; Tadeusz "Tede" Piesiak - vocal, guitar; Adrian "Adi" Dubiński - guitar; Jakub "Marcia" Marciniak - drums. 





A band unlike any other. A phenomenon, if you will. The combination of rock, metal with humorous lyrics is their recipe for success. The band is a frequent guest at Woodstock Festival Poland. They even recorded a song dedicated to the festival! 



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