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2016-07-12 15:28:08

We've finished our Peace and Medical Patrol briefing. Annual meeting with Jurek Owsiak is a tradition and it officially starts volunteers' work at the Woodstock Festival Poland.
Jurek thanked them for coming to Kostrzyn and for their participation in the Festival.



Peace Patrol are volunteers supporting GOCC Foundation's activities throughout the year. Anyone willing to join them has to complete a weekend training held at our training center in Szadowo-Młyn.
During such a training all candidates learn about how work at the Woodstock Festival is organized. They also become acquainted with the idea and activities run by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. Each future Patroller has to attend two courses (one of them being first-aid course) and take a final exam.

Having completed the training, new Peace Patrol members receive red T-shirts and they're invited to work as GOCC volunteers at various events. Volunteers are each NGO's greatest force. Thanks to our volunteers we're so strong that we can move mountains!

Active Patrollers who would like to start closer cooperation with GOCC and possess leadership qualities may become one of our instructors or leaders (leaders not only run their own Peace Patrol teams at Woodstock Festivals and GOCC Finals, but also coordinate and supervise Patrollers work).

Patrollers perform a wide range of tasks during the Woodstock Festival Poland. While some of them watch gates, fences and the whole Festival area, others work at the Lost & Found, SiemaShop, shopping passage, on the Main Stage, at the backstage, the Press Center and in the KręciołaTV team (setting up live broadcasts for those who can't come to the Festival).

There's also Medical Patrol whose members are professional medical staff: doctors, rescuers, nurses, fire fighters and mountain rescue teams who ensure attendees' safety at the Woodstock Festival Poland. They work at field medical aid points and in the field hospital. In case of emergency Medical Patrollers bring patients by medical quad bikes to the hospital.

If you'd like to help organize another Woodstock Festival Poland, send us an e-mail and join the Peace Patrol! It's a great chance to turn your everyday life into the adventure of a lifetime and meet lots of great people. Help us create the Most Beatiful Festival in the World.

Additional security service are members of the Blue Patrol. This year you may meet people wearing black 'Patrol' T-shirts; they're leaders of Blue Patrol teams.

Remember that all of them are to ensure your safety. We'd like you not only to have a great fun, but also to stay safe until the end of the Festival.


(Karola, photos: Grzegorz Adamek, Katarzyna Zygnerska)




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