Jazz at the AFA Night Stage

2017-06-21 15:45:46

The Night Stage at the Academy of the Finest Acts comes alive after the ubiquitous noise of the festival grounds dies down for the night. This year we would like to invite you for intimate performances by Skicki-Skiuk, EABS and Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet


Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet 


Wojtek Mazolewski is dubbed as the main export commodity of Polish culture. Responsible for popularising jazz to a wider audience in Poland and abroad, Wojtek Mazolewski is bass player, composer and music producer, he has created theatre and film scores and performed across the globe promoting the new incarnation of Polish jazz. 

Mazolewski flawlessly blends modernity with the long-standing tradition of jazz music. His music resembles the sounds produced by the greats of jazz, adding inspirations drawn from contemporary music such as electronica, grunge and rock. 



Wojtek Mazolewki Quintet line-up:  Oskar Torok – trumpet , Marek Pospieszalski – saxophone, Joanna Duda – keyboard instruments, Kuba Janicki – drums. 





It all began as a project, musical movement and a declaration of intent. At first, jazz sessions became a creative haven for improvisation and meetings between musicians. Some of the artists who joined the sessions became regular fixtures, and thus their septet was born.

The artists aim to approach jazz music from a truly unconventional perspective - they explore the possibilities of writing hip-hop influences they grew up with into their sounds. EABS draws inspiration from soul and funk music and introduces elements of electronic and hip-hop music into their compositions. The musicians continue to experiment and search for new creative solutions. 





Do you think that jazz is only for an exclusive club of people? Do you think it's music favoured by the older generation? Do you think that there is no future for jazz music and no space for experimentation and growth of this genre? Prepare to be proven wrong by the young quartet, often named the rising stars of Polish jazz scene. 

Their sound is young, engaging, and according to some critics reminiscent of hard rock. With a lot of humour and amazing stage energy, the young musicians are well on the way to becoming one of the most noticeable voices in modern jazz music in Poland. 






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