Purple Power Is at Woodstock Festival Poland

2016-07-20 14:52:51


PLAY is making a return to Woodstock Festival Poland with viral-themed activities and competitions. The mobile service provider has teamed up with the hottest youtubers in Poland and invites you to take part in challenges - the youtube inspired zones include different challenges, where you can test your skills and have fun in the same time! Avoid taking a dip in a glitter pool, swing from computer cables like a Tarzan of a digital age, and run through a life-sized platform game. 

As usual, PLAY will be providing festival goers with phone charging stations, so that they will be able to stay in touch and share their festival experience (and let their parents know they are OK) with their friends. You can tag tour posts with #playwoodstock to make them stand out among thousands of festival snaps and tweets! 

Play around the purple Zone and check out the challenges! 






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