European Capital of Culture at Woodstock Festival Poland

2016-07-03 19:10:47

We are delighted to host the stall of Wrocław – the European Capital of Culture at this year’s Woodstock Festival Poland. The ECOC will be presenting a diverse selection of activities that will at least in part mirror the wealth of cultural events that Wrocław has to offer this year.Stock Theatre

Stock Theatre: we invite you to take part in a series of workshops, all focused on the topic of INTERACTION. We will be creating puppets and learn the basics of theatrical make-up and bodypainting. We encourage the participants of these workshops to use the new skills and knowledge to use at different of our workshops.

Interaction Workshops

Life-alike:  We will be learning to create hand puppets and large-scale puppets. Make your creations come to life with movements of your body and discover the art of puppetry.

Installation action – join us for the workshops where we are going to learn how to create artistic installation. You will learn how to influence space around you. We will use elements of scenography, sculpture, and painting. Using simple means you will be able to create different worlds rooted in your imagination.

Transformation workshops: join us for theatrical make-up workshops and lean a bit about body-painting too! Get your creative juices flowing and create works of art using professional equipment. Learn behind the scenes make-up tricks!

Theatromania workshops: We are going to focus on pantomime, dance, and movement on stage. We are going to use Woodstock space to create an amazing performance.

 Alchemy of photography

Street Collodion Collective is going to teach the participants the basics of collodion wet plate process. The magic of this technique lies in its immediacy. We will be shooting a group photograph which will be transferred onto glass and will have to be developed on the spot. Nothing worth effort is easy, and the same applies to the images you get working with collodion wet plate process. Visit us from 10 am till 8 pm to learn about this almost forgotten beautiful art!

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