How To Combat Hate Online

2016-07-22 14:25:55

Hate and bullying have moved to virtual reality for good. Social media, blogs, and other online outlets are swarming with vitriolic comments and negativity. Our Woodstock Festival Poland team has seen a fair share of hate - people who are using their online anonymity to harass, bully and taunt the organization and the guests of festival. 

Adam Bodnar describes the issues he, and his co-workers deal with on every day basis: In the office of the commissioner for human rights we need to deal with a multitude of issues, and online hate is on the forefront - it's so common and so vicious. The commissioner has also emphasised that physical abuse often stems from verbal abuse, but the government is not going to introduce any changes to the existing law in order to penalize hate speech. It's unfortunate, because current law is lenient when it come to bullying and hate, leaving victims without any formal and legal support. 

Michał Wawrzyniak has, in turn, made a controversial claim that no-one is free of hate - we are all haters because each act of disagreement is in fact a display of hate. Wawrzyniak claims that we should ignite passion instead of putting out hate. When we face hate we have to be brutally honest. How can I say that hate is bad, if you have never faced it? 

The participants of an open debate touched upon issues connected with hate such as freedom of speech, dignity and the right to express your opinions. 


The meetings at AFA are held under the patronage of Bank Pekao






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