English folk took Woodstock by storm!

2017-08-10 10:50:58

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls somehow managed to sum up this year's festival! Endlessly energetic, no-prisoners-taken rock riffs and catchy compositions got the crowd smiling and got them moving. Perfect ending to 23rd Woodstock Festival Poland. 


fot. Bartek Muracki


Music by Turner & co is a mixture of folk and alternative country with clear punk rock roots. Powerful drums, dynamic guitars and Frank's impressive vocal create irresistible mix creating pure joy which caught like wildfire! It was an amazing show of pure happiness, energy and talent! 


fot. Anna Migda

Still, the biggest surprise was Frank Turner's hang of Polish - he gave an impressive speech with pretty much perfect pronunciation. Before that, we loved his music and charismatic stage presence. But after that smooth, smooth move we were all his!

Frank Turner is an English singer songwriter playing with backing band called The Sleeping Souls consisting of Ben Lloyd (mandolin, guitar), Tarrant Anderson (bass), Matt Nasir (keyboard), Nigel Powell (drums). They released 6 albums and 3 compilations and played at the Wembley Arena as well as prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London. 


fot. Damian Mękal


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