French Ambassador Thanks for Woodstock Solidarity with Nice

2016-08-03 11:23:36

In the very middle of fantastic festival evening we received hearbreaking news of the tragedy which took place in Nice. Despite the fact that the festival atmosphere of fun and cheer we decided to show that the people gathered at Woodstock Festival Poland stand together with those affected by this terrible act of senseless violence. In order to send the message loud and clear we used 120 thousand sheets of blue, red, and white A4 paper to create a massive flag of France. We wanted to say that we share the pain that the people of France are feeling and that we stand united against hate. We were very touched to receive a message of thanks from the ambassador of France, Pierre Buhler. In his letter, the ambassador has mentioned how the gesture of support from the thousands of people gathered in front of the Main Stage affected him personally and brought a much-needed consolation to his mourning compatriots. The ambassador has been especially moved by Jurek Owsiak's address to the crowd - it was a message of solidarity, compassion in the face of a horrible tragedy, and a call to remain tolerant in face of the events happening across the world. 



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2016-08-03 11:23:36

French Ambassador Thanks for Woodstock Solidarity with Nice

We have received a letter from the ambassador of France in Poland thanking everyone for the gesture of solidarity with our grieving friends in France. In this time of turmoil and uncertainty we feel it is important to show that we are not indifferent and we stand united against hate, intolerance, and violence.

2016-08-03 14:59:08

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2016-08-04 15:47:15

Behind the Scenes at Woodstock Festival Poland

The festival relies on the sponsors and your help to develop and to grow, and to become the amazing, safe place we strive to be. One of the ways of backing us is taking part in Virtual Woodstock. As a very special thank you for the support we invited you to choose your prize.

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