Blood drive at the festival

2017-08-22 12:31:34

Summer months mean well-deserved rest and fun times ahead for most of us. While we are out there enjoying life, blood banks and hospitals struggle with blood shortages. That's why blood banks from Poznań and Zielona Góra have relied on the crowds gathered at Woodstock Festival Poland to donate blood. 

Like in the previous years, you did not disappoint. Out of 1928 people who have declared that they are ready to give blood, 1576 people were eligible to donate. As a result, they have given 709 litres of blood

In the 12 years of blood drives taking place during the festival, the blood banks have collected a total 9 323 littles of blood, given by 20 718 donors. It just proves that Woodstock Festival Poland is much, much more than a free music festival - it is a place where people are inclined to help others! 


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