How Do I Use My Woodstock App - Let Me Count the Ways

2016-07-12 16:43:07
  1. Packing made easy - handy lists of useful things & what not to pack.
  2. Getting there - useful advice about how to get to Kostrzyn nad Odrą and how to return home. Timetables, routes, maps - all in one place!
  3. Concert schedule - find your groove and explore the different music genres and styles. You can set notifications, so that you won't miss anything! Same applies to AFA shows and wokshops. No more FOMO.
  4. Create your own schedule - select favourites, set reminders and let the app organize your time at the festival!
  5. Learn more - we have descriptions of bands, music genres, activities, ethos of the festival... read on!
  6. Woodstock news - you will be able to stay up-to-date with behind the secenes news and importand updates about traffic, shows, activities, and changes.
  7. Maps - lost? want to find where the nearest toilet is? looking for a phone-charging station? want to have a beer, do some shopping, are you hungry? We've got you covered with the detailed maps of the festival area.
  8. What else is there? - you might ask, if the concerts, meetings, and workshops did not satiate your curiousity. Check out the activities on offer at the Zones of our partners and other cool things that go on at the festival.
  9. Shopping - shop your head off! Information about shopping options, opening times, payments.
  10. Practical info - it's a tab filled with information that might come in handy - addresses for pharmacies, phone-charging stations, information about Lost Property Office and more advice about what might be necessary at the festival.
  11. Updates & alerts - weather and traffic updates, updates about the campsite and much more! We will be letting you know about all the important things going on at the festival!


... there is, of course, much more - do yourself a favour and dowload the app. It's available for iOS and Android.



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