2016-10-24 15:51:59
Amon Amarth the First Confirmed Act at Woodstock 2017
We are delighted to announce that legends of heavy metal music will be taking the stage at Woodstock Festival Poland 2017!
2016-10-24 13:41:05
The Golden Spinning Top - Listing 3
Voting for the Golden Spinning Top award has begun just three weeks ago but there are some obvious favourites already. Check out the most recent listing below!
2016-10-17 19:33:17
The Golden Spinning Top - Listing 2
The race to win the brass statuette is on! The first votes have been cast and we can see that there are some definite leaders of the competition.
2016-10-11 14:17:30
Share your Love for us!
We are thrilled to be among festivals nominated for the European Festival Awards, which means we are ranked among creme de la creme of music festivals in Europe. Drop us a vote!
2016-10-10 19:45:55
The Golden Spinning Top - Listing 1
This year's the Golden Spinning Top competition is now on! We encourage you to vote for your favourite act to show your appreciation of their performance at the last Woodstock Festival Poland.
2016-10-06 11:23:02
Music Under Pressure - Woodstock Festival Poland on Film
To think that year 2001 was 15 years ago... In 2001 the festival made its return to the town of Żary in Western Poland. We felt very at home there!
2016-09-05 13:45:52
Welcome to Prague!
The Golden City of Prague will be the host of of Woodstock Festival Poland Preliminaries for the second time. We return to the Czech Republic ready to be impressed by the atmosphere and the music.
2016-08-10 13:18:45
Re-live the AFA Meetings
The Academy of the Finest Arts is a place of learning, which aims to foster creativity, thoughtful exchange, and awareness of the world which surrounds us. The organizers invite you to participate in meetings with real authorities in the area of arts, charity, journalism - honest, interesting discussions can broaden your perspective!
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