2017-05-25 13:18:18
Legends of Woodstock Festival Poland on stage!
We are looking for festival superheroes! Share your stories with us, because we want to showcase you beautiful people and invite you on stage. Shout it from the mountains and get in touch with our team!
2017-05-22 12:42:41
The Golden Spinning Top - listing 28
The results of the last listing of the II stage of the musical competition are in! Check which bands are still competing for the brass statuette.
2017-05-22 12:36:26
TOI CAMP at Woodstock Festival Poland
One of the announcements you all have been waiting for - tomorrow (May 23rd) at 9 AM sharp the team behind Toi Camp launches reservations for the upcoming festival!
2017-05-22 10:19:25
Day two at Viva Kultura Tent Stage
Viva Kultura Tent Stage will feature a plethora of well-known and well-loved artists as well as performances from musicians who are on the verge of a successful music career. Who will take the stage on August the 3rd?
2017-05-21 17:09:42
Michał Urbaniak and Urbanator Project at the Main Stage
Michał Urbaniak - a legendary jazz musician will be taking the Main Stage with his international jazz project - Urbanator.
2017-05-21 16:57:57
Jazz at the AFA Night Stage
The AFA Night Stage will be hosting a veritable jazz extravaganza on August the 2nd. Featuring Skicki-Skuik, EABS, and Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet.
2017-05-21 16:41:57
Pawbeats Orchestra at the Night AFA Stage
Pawbeats Orchestra is a musical event, which combines rap with popular and symphonic music in one unique and spellbinding performance bringing MCs, classically trained instrumentalists and vocalists together on stage.
2017-05-15 15:35:58
The Golden Spinning Top - listing 27
Let's begin the last week of stage II of our musical competition. Who is heading for certain victory and who is doomed to leave the race? Find out below!
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